Neurobiology is one of the most rapidly moving fields in Science, and its grand scope is to study the structure and function of the Nervous System. Dissecting the mechanisms by means different living organisms, from the fruit fly to man, can interact with the environment and process the information in terms of thought and action is of primary importance also for tackling disorders affecting an increasing portion of the human population.

The Master’s Degree Program in Neurobiology will train students with a bachelor’s degrees in biology or Biotechnology, with an in-depth multidisciplinary and integrated knowledge of the anatomical and functional organization of the nervous system. We also welcome students from other scientific backgrounds, from psychology to chemistry and physical sciences, to enhance of chances of cross-fertilisation among different disciplines.

Emphasis will be placed in training our students with quantitative data acquisition and analysis skills, that are increasingly necessary in contemporary research in neurobiology. Similarly, cutting edge imaging, neurophysiological, behavioural and pharmaco-genomic technologies will be at the core of the Degree curriculum.