1st year
Subject Credits Semester SSD
Comparative Neurodevelopment and Neural stem cells 6 I Bio/06
Human Neuroanatomy 6 I Bio/16
Membrane biophysics and electrophysiology
9 I Bio/09
Cellular neurobiology and advanced methods in Neuroscience
9 II

Bio/06 (3)

Bio/18 (6)

Cellular and advanced systemic neurophysiology
9 II Bio/09
Neurochemistry, Neuropharmacology and Neurogenetics 9 II Bio/14


• One subject to be chosen from this list: Advanced Microscopy / Statistics and Big Data Analysis / Bioinformatics
• Laboratory activity
• Other activities
• Dissertation

2nd year
Subject Credits SSD
Computational Neuroscience 6 Bio/09
Neural basis of Behaviour and Neuropsychology 6 M-PSI/02
Neurobiology of Brain disorders 9 Med/26
Neuroimmunology and Molecular Neurobiology 9 Bio/06
Neuropsycopharmacology 6 Bio/14
Final exam 24  


Choose one subject:

Subject Credits SSD
Italian language for foreign students 3 NN
Other activities 3 NN


9 credits of free choice. it is possible to choose from all the courses offered by the university. the study program recommends: (9 credits)

Subject Credits SSD
Advanced microscopy 6 Bio/06
Bioinformatics 6 Ing-Inf/06
Laboratory of Biochemistry 3 Bio/10
Laboratory of Bioinformatics 3 Bio/11
Laboratory of Bioinformatics 9 Bio/11
Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology 9 Bio/06
Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology 3 Bio/06
Laboratory of General Pathology 9 Med/04
Laboratory of General Pathology 3 Med/04
Laboratory of Genetics 9 Bio/18
Laboratory of Genetics 3 Bio/18
Laboratory of Immunology 9 Med/04
Laboratory of Immunology 3 Med/04
Laboratory of Microbiology 3 Bio/19
Laboratory of Microbiology 9 Bio/19
Laboratory of Molecular Biology 9 Bio/19
Laboratory of Molecular Biology 3 Bio/19
Laboratory of Pharmacology 9 Bio/14
Laboratory of Pharmacology 3 Bio/14
Laboratory of Phisiology 3 Bio/14
Laboratory of Phisiology 9 Bio/09
Laboratory of Zoology 3 Bio/05
Laboratory of Zoology 9 Bio/05
Statistics and Big Data Analysis 6 Bio/11